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How to Engage Community Members on App?

How to Engage Community Members on App? 1. Click your community at the ‘Manage Community” section 2. You will find your internal community activities 3. You can edit icon, create activity and share your group with friends and people 4. You can accept and reject member’s request Remind: you can enable or disable member’s approval. Learn more on How To […]


How to Create Activities on Web?

How to Create Activities on Web? 1. Go to your own community  2. Start creating your first activity  3. Tell people more about your activity 4. Tell people the time, date & location 4.1. Enable “Advanced Setting(Optional) for repeated activities 5. Tell people the price, then click “Save” button. Remind: [FOR BUILDER PLAN ONLY] You can create different discounts for […]


How to Book Activities, & Manage Bookings on App

How to Book Activities, & Manage Bookings on App 1. Login your account 2. You can search for activities in “Explore” tab. 3. Browse and select your interested activities 4. View and select your preferred time slots 5. You can share the activity with your friends 6. You can register for your friends together 7. Choose your preferred payment method […]