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How to Start Virtual Activities in GoBuddy?

GoBuddy is proud and thrilled to launch a GoBuddy Virtual Class to support our users and customers to host virtual activities in GoBuddy, leveraging all other functions built in our software. Key functions include: Integrated GoBuddy online stream Copy and paste your Zoo m/Google Meet URL Booking management with broadcasting functions inclusive Now, let’s kick-start your virtual activities by watching […]

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How to Set Delivery Options for products?

How to Set Delivery Options for products? In order to allow you to provide different delivery options for your customers, GoBuddy has updated delivery setting and allow you to create different options with prices. 1. Go to your community and select “Delivery Setting” on the left sidebar. Click “Add +” to create new delivery options. 2. Configure delivery options details […]

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How to Apply Discount to All Activities?

How to Apply Discount to All Activities? Gobuddy has developed a new feature called “Discount profile”. You can now apply discount to all your activities & save any discount as template. It is extremely convenience if you would like to create community-based discount. Instead of creating new discount for every activity, you can now apply it to all activities in […]

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How to Create Activity on App?

How To Create Activity on App? 1. Go to your community page & click bottom right corner “+” icon. 2. Upload activity photos & provide basic information. 3. Set date, time & location. Remind: Recurring timeslot is for repeated activities, such as weekly gathering e.t.c. 4. Finally, Set your price. Remind: If you want to ask additional questions to participants, […]

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How to Check-In Participants on App?

How to Check-In Participants on App? 1. Click on the “Community” from tap bar 2. Select Activity that you would like to take attendance on . 3. View payment status & Check in by “tick” icon REMINDER: Payment Gateway Differences Remind: [FOR BUILDER PLAN ONLY]: You can enable/disable payment gateways baed on your preferences. You can learn more on How to […]

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How to View Participants List on Web?

How to View Participants List on Web? 1. Click the activity you would like to view 2. Select the time slot & you can see the list  Remind: You can send broadcast messages to your participants, participants would receive an email notification. You can learn more on How to Send Broadcast Message on App

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How to Share Activity Link to Facebook ?

How to Share Activity Link to Facebook ? You can share your activity to your facebook page & allow participants to directly register activities from facebook. Case 1 – Directly share to facebook  1. Click the activity you want to share 2. Directly share to facebook link Case 2 – Embed activity link to fb Event 1. Click the activity […]


How to Best Utilize Discount Functions in GoBuddy?

How to Best Utilize Discount Functions in GoBuddy? Only available for Builder Plan Subscribers Scenario 1: You want to attract different groups of participants. Discount Name Discount Method Discount Amount Usage Special for Lovely Member Discount code “FORYOUONLY” Percentage(50% off) For Community Members VIP Special  Discount code “VIPSPEC” Fixed amount($150 discount) For VIP Members Early Bird Automatic Discount  Percentage(20%off) Encourage […]

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How to Book Activities, & Manage Bookings ?

How to Book Activities & Manage Bookings ? 1. You can start exploring by after logging in your account 2. Browse and view your interested activities 3. Check your schedule and select your preferred slots 4. You are welcome to grab your buddies and join together 🙂 5. Select your preferred payment methods and booking is done! 6. Remember to […]

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How to Create Discount for My Activity?

How to Create Discount for My Activity? Available for Builder Plan Subscribes Only Case 1: Create Unique Discount Codes (for members, non-members or VIP) 1. Select discount code & create special code for your member 2. Set the discount amount  Case 2: Create Early Bird Discount 1. Select Automatic discount  2. Set the discount amount  3. Your members can enjoy […]